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Window Cleaner - Denmark. For Woman/Couple. No Application Fee. Accommodation. No experience required. Good Pay.

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Hello! I have tried to describe this opportunity for 2 persons as honestly as possible.

((** 12/09-2009: After I have seen the very first applicants, I have a few modifications to our job add:

Perhaps I made the description off being a window cleaner a bit too negative. To be a window cleaner is off course not only bad, it is not winter all year round and there are many nice days too. You also get used to the work.

We are really looking for a couple (2 persons) to apply together. So if you are a strong girl: “Why not ask your boyfriend if this is something for you to do together?”

Your age: Best between 20 - 30 years old, but perhaps up to 35 years old. **))

You (also if you are a women) need to be strong and brave enough to carry a 20 kg heavy ladder from the van and use it to clean windows in up to 7 meters height!

The money you can earn is very good. I pay out up to 2,000 Euro Net a month to some of our window cleaners!

We have window cleaners that make EURO 2,000 NET a month. But then they have 2 years experience, are clever and work hard. An experienced window cleaner works much faster than a new window cleaner and therefore makes more money.

It takes time to learn to be a good window cleaner. And you get paid for what you do, not for how long time you work. The work is done on accord, so to make good money you need to work at high-speed.

The first 3-9 month you must always improve your technique to be faster and better in the job.

After 3 month you can expect to make Net 1000 Euro a month if you work hard, and after 6 month between 1000 and 1500 Euro Net per month. But in the beginning you will have to work very hard just to make 700 Euro Net a month.

Therefore it is only a good idea for you to apply for this work, if you want to go aboard and work for minimum 2-3 years. While the beginning is very hard, after a year, work and income will be good to you.

Also, I should say. To travel to another country to live and work is in itself a hard thing to do. To live in another country is often very difficult and with no support from your family at home. Are you sure it is for you?

We have 3 other window cleaners from Romania. We want 2 new window cleaners to start soon.

We don’t expect you to have any window cleaning experience, as this skill is not common in Romania. We will show you how to do it, but you can only learn it by training and practice and hard work.

We clean windows all year round, also in the winter, when it snowing outside and the temperature drops to -2 degrees Celsius. We get up 04.00 AM in the winter, when it is dark and cold outside and clean windows in the dark from 05.00 AM! We work at high-speed. It is tough work.
Please ask yourself: Do you really want to do this?

If you have long finger nails expect the nails to brake, as you will be working with water the whole day. It is not a job for “Barbie girls” but a determined and strong woman should be well able to do this work. And we very much appreciate applications from couples and females! And both strait and gay couples are welcome to apply too.

As we clean window on ladders op to 7 metre above ground, it is important you are comfortable with working at heights. If you have done sports or work at heights before, this helps you, i.e. rope access, climbing or any ladder work. Are you good at sport?

It is not all about cleaning windows though. You will have direct contact with customers!
Therefore your verbal English needs to be very good. Your English must be so good that you can have a conversation with a client on the mobile phone, take addresses and instructions, and make agreements in English; e.g. on what windows to clean next and how to access the building etc.

You are also required to have very good customer relations. So you need always to be friendly, smiling, energetic and professional towards customers.

The customer wants the windows to be cleaned, but they don’t really want us to be around. They prefer as little disturbance as possible, so we must also be discreet when we work, and also look decent with our clothes and appearance.

You will need to drive a car, so driving license B is a requirement. We provide you with a GPS to find your way.

And you need to be eager and determined to work aboard for 2-3 years minimum.

Candidatul Ideal
We are a group of service companies that provide services like cleaning and especially window cleaning.

We want you to enjoy - and take responsibility for - a lot of freedom to decide when and how to organize you own work. You will of course be required to meet the wishes of the customers. And the work you do will always have to be perfect! Except from that you have a lot of freedom to organize you own work. You can take a lot of decisions on your own. By the end of each month you will provide us with a list of the work you have done and your profit/pay is calculated from this work-list.

If you have a good internet connection, you can get an idea of what window cleaning is from video:
On this video our clever window cleaner, Petre from Galati, shows you the basic concept of window cleaning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPzr9FOAlAM
He is one of the people who will teach you window cleaning.

And this is perhaps a world champion and notice - we don’t expect you to become this good or crazy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvArQrv8oW8&feature=related

We have accommodation available for you at the moment. Accommodation is very expensive and even difficult to rent. But we have some accommodation available for you in a flat-share, where one other Romanian person (who also clean windows) also live. You can start living there. It should be fine for a couple. It has basic furniture. If you later find another place to live you are off course free to move on to your own accommodation. We only provide this accommodation to help you get established. The flat is located in central Copenhagen.

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